Think you’re in shape? Think Again...
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An Open Letter To Anyone Who Secretly Suspects — Or Even Knows, In Their Gut, That There Is An Easier, Way To Help Get Rid Of Body Fat...
"Fitness Experts Are Desperate To Hide The Truth... Use This Wonder Bar To Get Fit Without Moving A Muscle..."
You Can Revive Your Metabolism, Rejuvenate Joint Mobility
and Help Keep A Lean, Muscular Body No Matter What Your Age… But…!
Read this controversial letter—where I reveal this EXACT PROTOCOL— The One Exercise Type That Beats ALL The Other Exercises In Under 300 Seconds, Flat!!
Dear Friend,

They lied to you.
They said go to the gym.
They said do it for an hour.
They said hit the treadmill, hit the elliptical trainer, hit the spinning class.
They said it’s the best way.

Nah, it’s not the best way.
You know what I say?

I can get you fit in just 300 seconds a day.
Your body will thank you.

If you're an average person or a pro athlete, a busy professional, a couch potato or a person who "used to be in great shape" then I suggest you keep reading because what I'm about to reveal to you is the greatest breakthrough you've ever come across... YES, what I'm about to reveal to you is HUGE. I am now ready to teach the secrets that you really must know if you want to live a life to the fullest with great health. Honestly, it doesn't matter whether your goal is to melt fat off your body, build ripped muscle fast, or have the power, flexibility, endurance and vitality of a young teen... you're in the right place!
Okay, so who am I and why listen to me?
My name is Jack "The Hammer" Hamm and 31 years ago I came out on your Television sharing my products. The Jack Hammer driver which sold over 1 million golf clubs and went further and straighter than any golf club on the market. I also have 6 world records for the longest golf shot ever with a 473 yard drive. That was more than just my club - that took strength, core muscles, and body stability greater than anyone has ever developed before. What's even more amazing is I only weigh 180 pounds soaking wet. I have toned, lean, strong muscles that are not bulky using a secret muscle technique I discovered!

It wasn't supposed to be possible for a 180 pound guy to have the world's longest drive - but it was this certain muscle technique I used which did it!. Using my "training technique" I got stronger, more powerful, and looked better.

I also taught my techniques to hundreds of thousands of private groups of people over the years...
Athletes of every type benefited greatly - all the way from amateurs to the pros. Same goes for golfers, hockey players, basketball players, and football players.

So did big time celebrities and movie stars... 

I left out this one CRUCIAL secret that I only shared with a select few to really take it to the next level...

I am finally revealing it today!
And here's why? 
People are tired of conventional workouts which gives you conventional results. 
People want to BE STRONG and LOOK GOOD in a way that feels natural.
So it may not surprise you that my fans include athletes and movie stars at every level - including the professional ranks!

Think about this: How many times have you gone to the gym and faithfully done your workouts only to find that you’re not really making any progress month after month?

Before I tell you more, let's be honest here:

1. Most people are in terrible physical condition. They're fat, sick and tired.
2. Most people do not have time to workout. So they do no physical exercise AT ALL!
3. Most people have no idea what they are doing when it comes to fitness. They're following the terrible advice!
4. Most of the people are actually injuring their bodies and creating more harm then good with conventional exercise.
5. And most people who exercise are doing it WRONG! Traditional exercises is DEAD...

Okay, with the above in mind, I'm ready to reveal to you what actually works...

The Lazy Way To Fitness:

No Daily Diets
No Daily Exercise
No Supplements
No Gyms
No Sets/Reps
No Big Lifestyle Changes
Here's What People Are Saying!
Dr. Michael A. Keirns PT, DPT, PhD, SCS, ATC, CSCS
The Reason the WONDER ISO BAR, the amazing iso-gym works is because it isolates and targets the Muscles. You see, muscles work the best when they are working against each other...The Wonder Iso Bar forces the Muscles to work against themselves…You will feel the Burn immediately. That is the principle design behind the WONDER ISO BAR.. It isolates the Muscle... All other fitness equipment is basically designed to strain your body in a harmful way. It has no muscle effect what so ever. Now with the Wonder ISO BAR, you can feel it working instantly! In all of my years of fitness and well-being The wonder iso bar, the amazing iso stick is the best piece of exercise equipment for developing not only your abs but your entire body! Finally a way to get maximum results in minimum time!
The Wonder Ab-Bar Story
Remember when you looked your best…How much money have we all wasted on diets, gym memberships and yet are still in that 70% out of shape category …NOT ANYMORE….

For 100 years you have been lied to by Fitness Trainers, So-called fitness Experts, Diets Guru’s, and Weight Loss companies... TRADITION DIETS AND EXERCISE PLANS ARE DEAD....

NO GYM, NO SETS, NO REPETITIONS.... No heavy weights, No expensive treadmills, ab gimmicks or workout equipment...THE ANSWER TO GETTING PERFECTLY TONED MUSCLES AGAIN, AT ANY AGE is the WONDER BAR using THE POWER OF ISOMETRICS. Get totally Fit.. Lean .. Cut.. in the comfort of your home... The WONDER BAR is a Full Body Workout using ISOMETRIC SCIENCE which is the best form of exercise ever... You see muscles work their best, when they are working against each other... That is ISOMETRICS...  You get up to 20 simple exercises... A 300 Second Workout a day. That’s it.. THE EASY WAY TO A PERFECT BODY IN JUST SECONDS A DAY!!

You have some excess flab behind your arms? In just 15 seconds a day using a very unique exercise on the ISO BAR you can melt that away and tone your arms.

Your chest bust has started to sag as you get older? In just 15 seconds a day you can give yourself the natural lift you've always wanted without harmful surgery!

You have no time to workout? In just 300 seconds a day you can work your entire body the way its designed to work without handing over your hard earned money to gyms and personal trainers!

Feel it working Immediately with the power of isometrics... 
The Wonder AB Bar forces your muscles to work against themselves...It’s like the 8th Wonder of the world because we all want abs and toned muscles and now we all can with the WONDER ISO BAR.

How Does It Work?
The Wonder Ab Bar, the Amazing Iso-Gym uses the power of isometrics to give you one of the most intense muscular contractions you will ever experience! That is why all you need is the "300 second workout".

Each exercise consists of a 15 second Iso-Hold (described in the Wonder Ab Bar Training Guide).

As a result you're working out in the range of motion that's designed to build muscle and strip away fat fast! In only 15 seconds you will experience the power of the Amazing Iso-Stick.

"I'll show you the world's most effective fitness technique and exercises on The Wonder Iso Bar that will help you develop lean, perfectly toned muscles, shed unwanted and unhealthy body fat, and achieve that youthful glow without ever having to go to a gym, lift weights, or buy any expensive equipment."
- Jack "The Hammer" Hamm

Why You Need The Wonder Ab Bar:

- No gym? No problem!
- Work out anywhere, anytime! 
- Gain muscle, lose fat and get healthy!
- You can get a total body workout in under 300 seconds!
- Discover the secret "Wonder Rep"
- 6 pack abs in 60 seconds a day!
- Any exercise can be done in the office, living room or bed!
- Feel it working immediately!
- No gimmicks, Pure isometric science!
- Can be used for muscle rehab and massage techniques! 
- The "Lazy Man's" way to fitness!
- Fast & Convenient, Lightweight & Portable!
- Get firm and toned arms in seconds!
- Best workout EVER for seniors...Easy on your joints! 
- Great starter workout for kids!
- Great for enhancing yoga and pilates!
- Easy to store away!
- If all the benefits came in a pill it would be worth millions...
Build Muscle:
Full body workout in 300 seconds
Thick chest
Toned arms
Sexy shoulders
Attractive forarms
Lose Weight:
Reduce your wastline
Reduce body weight
Increase metabolism 
Melt fat away
Achieve 6 pack abs
Athletic Performance:
Better cordination
Increased mobility
Increase explosive power
Jump higher
Run faster
Long Term Health:
Improve bloodflow
Reduce pain
Healthier heart
Reduce tension headaches
Increase Libido
60 Day Risk-Free 100% Money-Back Guarantee
If you're still hesitant about making the very best investment you can in a leaner and better you, I completely understand. You may not know me and you may have some doubts whether this program can live up to my claims.

So please, let me take all the risk. Use the Iso-Stick at my expense!

It's true! There's absolutely no risk on your part. If this program doesn't work for you, I'll buy the complete package back from you!

That's because I'm confident you'll be thrilled with your results from using it. But you really have no way of knowing that yet, so I want to eliminate all worry for you...

Get this program now and go through one of my 300 second workouts or even just experience ONE iso contraction using the Iso Stick!

If, for any reason at all, you're not completely satisfied with what it's done for you, just return it within 60 days and I will refund your purchase price immediately. That's more than a guarantee, that's a personal promise.

And since you took the time, effort, and belief to give my program a try, I want you to keep the e-guide -- free of charge, even if you decide to take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee. So this offer is better than risk free!

What I'm saying is, don't decide now if this program is for you.

Just get it and try it out.

If it doesn't do everything I say and more... if you don't gain more muscle and strength, lose more body fat, increase your self-confidence etc...

If it isn't life-changing and you're not thrilled with it, just email or call me and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. Quickly and easily.

So you really have nothing to lose (except fat) and everything to gain (muscle tone) by trying the Iso-Stick.

Finally a Way to Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time...
As you already know ... until you take action, you'll keep moving along in whatever direction you're already moving. Sometimes, you just gotta dive in the water, even if it's a little cold.

So please, don't be a procrastinator and "think about it". If you're tired of not having the muscle tone, the confidence, or the long, lean body you want... you need to take action to change that right NOW.

And I’ve priced it so that anyone can afford it.

Here's what to do now:

Click the link below and order with your credit card online or call us and you'll first recive the downloadable isometrics e-guide in just minutes from now! Your Iso-Stick will be sent out, within 24 hours, by Priority Mail.

NOW, if I were your brother, I’d tell you to drop everything you’re doing and order the Iso-Stick Program immediately. It’ll change your life – and that is the understatement of the YEAR.

Order NOW, 

Jack Hamm
I want the Wonder ISO Bar Program to work my body in just 60 seconds a day and finally have the body I've always wanted !
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Less Than a Dinner For TWO at an Okay Restaurant...
FREE BONUS: The Iso-Gym Program comes with a fully illustrated e-guide with simple exercises and several quick-start routines that help you take off like a rocket. The "Wonder Iso Bar Training Guide" to show you exactly how to use the Iso-Stick to suit your lifestyle! You will learn the Wonder Rep, The Power of isometrics on the Wonder Ab Bar, and get access to the "60 Second Ab Workout", the "Full Body Workout" and how you can workout your entire body in under 300 Seconds using the "Lazy Way To Fitness Routine"!
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"Here Are 12 Things The Wonder Ab Bar System Did For Me"
Hey Jack,
I wanted to send you an email to let you know the 11 most important benefits I got from using the Wonder Iso Bar System! You can use this as a testimonial if you'd like:

1. I lost my excess body fat so fast that I had to resize my suit for the wedding party I was in. 

2. I packed muscle onto my body that even weight training couldn't do. 

3. I tripled my strength in 7 weeks. 

4. I doubled my endurance in 30 days. I DON'T get tired anymore. 

5. The lower back pain I had went away within a couple weeks. And that pain had been with me for 11 years. 

6. I sleep like a baby. Eight hours of deep sleep is is automatic. As soon as I hit the sack I'm snoring away. 

7. My self-confidence doubled and I feel better about myself. 

8. I can train anywhere. I travel for work so I don't need more than a few square feet and I'm all set.

9. I get a kick-butt workout done in 300 seconds or less. 

10. I'm looking younger. Everyone tells me I look 10 years younger than my real age. 

11. I actually enjoy my workout now because I know it's convenient and efficient. Something I can actually stick to!

Anthony Louis, Ontario
Frequently Asked Questions.
 How can I get in shape doing exercises that only take 10-15 seconds?
The answer is simple: intensity is inversely proportional to duration. So the higher the intensity of the exercise, the shorter the exercise has to be. That's because the higher the intensity of the exercise, the harder the muscle is working, and the sooner the muscle will become fully fatigued, thereby ending the exercise. So, it turns out that the most effective way to build muscle and lose weight is actually the least time-consuming way; if you know and apply the secrets explained in the Wonder Iso Bar Training Guide!
 I’m fat. Will I still be able to do these exercises?
Of course you will! Simply do what you can and do your best. You’ll find that your strength and ability ramps up quickly. Isometrics are designed to help you get up-to-speed in the shortest time possible.
 Haven’t worked out in a long time. Will these exercises be too hard for me?
I have worked with middle-aged adults who haven’t done any form of exercise since high school. They’ve reached their weight goal, gotten stronger, and found that isometrics is their best friend. You can do the same thing!
 Does this require any additional weights or equipment for this?
Nope! All the exercise use nothing but the Wonder Iso Bar. You can do these exercises in your living room, in your bed, in your office or anywhere else where you have a little bit of space.
 How soon will I see results?
You will begin seeing various types of results from your first day. You might sleep better after that first set of isometrics. Within a week, you should feel a bit stronger, and by the time 2 weeks have passed, you should be getting compliments on how much better you look!
 Does it really only take 300 seconds? 
Each isometric hold on the Wonder Iso Bar is only 10-15 seconds of intense exercising. When you combine it all together, the entire workout will take you 300 seconds max. So, yes. It only takes 300 seconds for you to complete your workout.
 Is there a recurring payment?
No. There are no surprises. Investing in the Wonder Iso Bar is a one-time payment. Nothing more.
 What’s the refund policy?
There is a 60-day, money back guarantee.
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