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Dr. Michael A. Keirns PT, DPT, PhD, SCS, ATC, CSCS
The Reason the WONDER ISO BAR, the amazing iso-gym works is because it isolates and targets the Muscles. You see, muscles work the best when they are working against each other...The Wonder Iso Bar forces the Muscles to work against themselves…You will feel the Burn immediately. That is the principle design behind the WONDER ISO BAR.. It isolates the Muscle... All other fitness equipment is basically designed to strain your body in a harmful way. It has no muscle effect what so ever. Now with the Wonder ISO BAR, you can feel it working instantly! In all of my years of fitness and well-being The wonder iso bar, the amazing iso stick is the best piece of exercise equipment for developing not only your abs but your entire body! Finally a way to get maximum results in minimum time!
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FREE BONUS: The Iso-Gym Program comes with a fully illustrated e-guide with simple exercises and several quick-start routines that help you take off like a rocket. The "Wonder Iso Bar Training Guide" to show you exactly how to use the Iso-Stick to suit your lifestyle! You will learn the Wonder Rep, The Power of isometrics on the Wonder Ab Bar, the "Full Body Workout" and how you can workout your entire body in under 300 Seconds using the "Lazy Way To Fitness Routine"!
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